Field Data Capture

Quantum Pen

Solstice integrated the CapturX® pen technology (developed by ADAPX®) into its field data capture system, allowing us to record information digitally and on paper.

CapturX® creates image files of the handwriting and converts to digital data using powerful character recognition software. This allows for the seamless integration of the data into the Solstice field processing work flow.

The key benefits are:

  • Eliminates slow keyboard and menu-driven interfaces
  • Minimal training required
  • Converts existing paper forms -that have already been tested and proven to work - directly into digital forms
  • Over 12 hour battery life
  • Extra safe guard of a hard copy form, an electronic ink copy, and a digital text copy
  • Tested in unpredictable and harsh field environments
  • Works on Rite in the Rain® Paper

Where we use it:

  • Field Time Tickets
  • Soils, Vegetation, and Wildlife surveys
  • Phase I surveys
  • Phase II surveys
  • Excavations
  • Site assessments