Integrated Waste Management Services

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Solstice is now proud to offer integrated waste management services to municipalities, institutions, and businesses. Using tools such as waste audits and public surveys, Solstice will provide your organization with a comprehensive plan to reduce landfilling and wasted resources without increasing your long-term waste management costs. Our process considers the full range of waste streams providing waste managers with a menu of options based on community-specific environmental, economic, and social considerations. In our experience a public survey is one of the most powerful tools in developing a successful integrated waste management plan. It can act as both a public education opportunity by providing data on the current waste management program, and to measure the willingness of the public to participate in certain options. A waste audit assesses the composition and generation rate of your waste, and ensures your waste management plan will yield the biggest bang for your buck by addressing the largest components of the waste stream. Depending on an organization’s needs, an integrated waste management plan can be conducted all at once, or in a piecemeal fashion, completing certain portions when funds are available. Please contact us to help you reach your sustainability goals through waste management.

Catrina Duffy, B.Sc., P.Ag.

Project Manager / Technical Advisor Environmental Scientist

Solstice Canada Corp.

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