Acheson Industrial Park

Project name:

Acheson Industrial Park


Northwest Edmonton, Central Alberta


TransAmerica Group


Urban Development and Infrastructure


Environmental Assessment

Land Use Planning

Project Requirements:

TransAmerica is a land developer specializing in industrial land development, which often requires an environmental assessment to meet municipal and other governmental policy requirements. Solstice prepared a biophysical assessment to support a proposed industrial subdivision in Acheson, Alberta. The biophysical assessment helped identify constraints required to be addressed by Parkland County’s land use planning guidelines, including conservation of environmentally sensitive areas, dedication of environmental reserve lands, and naturalization of stormwater facilities. The assessment also included a wetland impact assessment and compensation plan incorporating naturalized stormwater facilities, which satisfied requirements of the Alberta Water Act and Wetland Policy and municipal policy.

County policy also required a Phase I assessment. In this case, the parcel had active and inactive oil and gas infrastructure owned by third parties. To ensure that all potential liabilities related to existing oil and gas infrastructure were identified and incorporated into subdivision plans, TranAmerica instead requested a more detailed contaminant liability assessment.

That assessment identified other development restrictions applicable to the subdivision plan and potential contaminant risks that could influence staging of land development.

Solstice Deliverables:

  •          Biophysical Assessment report, with planning recommendations
  •          Water Act permitting support
  •          Advice on stormwater management facility design
  •          Contaminant Liability Assessment report, with planning recommendations
  •          Advice on subdivision design relative to 3rd party liability risks

Project Manager and Lead Assessor

Dee Patriquin, Ph.D., P.Biol., R.P. Biol.

Dee Patriquin, Ph.D., P.Biol., R.P. Biol.

Sr. Environmental Scientist

Solstice Canada Corp.

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