Decommissioned Gas Plant Remediation & Specialized Reclamation

Project Name:

Decommissioned Gas Plant Remediation & Specialized Reclamation


East-central Alberta


Apache Canada Ltd.


Oil & Gas


Environmental Assessment



Solstice designed and managed the environmental site assessments (ESAs), remediation, and reclamation activities of a decommissioned gas plant in east-central Alberta for Apache Canada Ltd. (Apache).  The site was located in Special Areas and contained sandy soils and limited topsoil, which required a site-specific reclamation plan.

Project Requirements:

Solstice was retained by Apache to conduct a Phase I and Phase II ESA on a decommissioned gas plant in east central Alberta.  The Phase II ESA included an electromagnetic survey and both soil and groundwater investigation.  The results of the ESA identified methanol and PAH levels in excess of applicable soil guidelines in three different locations.  Based on the project objectives, excavation and disposal was selected for remediation. 

Following the successful remediation of approximately 2000 T of soil at the facility, Solstice conducted reclamation of the gas plant and ~1 km of access road within the surrounding rolling, sandy hills. The lack of topsoil, which was a reflection of the construction date of the facility and the management practices at the time, posed a significant challenge during reclamation. Solstice was able to work with Special Areas to achieve successful reclamation through the development of a site-specific reclamation plan that ensured on-site revegetation would meet equivalent land capability of the surrounding area. 

Solstice Deliverables:

  •          Phase I and II ESA reports
  •          Remediation plan and site management during remediation activities
  •          Regulatory liaison for reclamation activities
  •          Site-specific reclamation plan and site management during reclamation activities
  •          On-going reclamation monitoring activities

Project Manager and Lead Assessor

Stephanie Comparelli, B.Sc., P.Ag., B.I.T.

Michelle Cotton, BSc, PAg

President / Sr. Environmental Scientist

Solstice Canada Corp.

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