Mammoet Naturalization

Project name:

Mammoet Stormwater Pond Naturalization Project


Northeast Edmonton, Central Alberta


Mammoet Canada


Oil & Gas


Biophysical Assessment

Project Requirements:

Mammoet Canada owns a property in Edmonton’s northeast industrial area on which a traditional stormwater pond was previously developed. As part of its corporate sustainability program, Mammoetwished to investigate the potential to naturalize the facility, and provide environmental, aesthetic, recreational, or other benefits to the operation or site staff.

Mammoet plans to incorporate Solstice recommendations into their sustainability plan for the site, which includes short-term to long-term projects.

Solstice Deliverables:

Solstice compiled a field assessment of current soil and vegetation conditions and worked with Beaverhills Consulting Corporation and local landscape architects from EIDOS Consultants to identify potential naturalization options for Mammoet’s consideration.

Suggestions were developed to satisfy Mammoet’s sustainability criteria and long-term site objectives, including potential to pilot certain projects as part of the City of Edmonton’s Eco-industrial Areas initiatives.

Recommendations ranged from physical modifications to the stormwater pond and surrounding uplands to enhance wildlife habitat, to improve water quality, and reduce weed management issues to options for recreational amenities for site staff, or as part of a broader Edmonton regional trail system.

Project Manager and Lead Assessor

Dee Patriquin, Ph.D., P.Biol., R.P.Biol.

Dee Patriquin, Ph.D., P.Biol., R.P. Biol.

Sr. Environmental Scientist

Solstice Canada Corp.

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