Indigenous Support Services


Solstice works collaboratively with members of Indigenous communities, using our environmental expertise to find solutions that support and work for the community while meeting regulatory requirements. Often our projects involve environmental issues that demand innovative approaches. Our solutions include strategic alliances established with local Indigenous contractors, other small consulting firms, and research and development to create new technical solutions for emerging problems. Our work with Indigenous communities includes liability assessments, environmental audits, Phase I and II environmental site assessments, environmental management and land use plans, and developing environmental training sessions. To help build local capacity, we have hired and trained local First Nation’s staff for on-going projects. Our working relationship with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and the First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group (TSAG) means we can tap into the resources needed to benefit our client’s projects.

Proud Bison photo credit:  Joe Chowaniec

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Michelle Cotton, BSc, PAg

President / Sr. Environmental Scientist

Solstice Canada Corp.

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