Integrated Waste Management

Integrated waste management (IWM) is a key part of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. It considers the full range of waste streams to be managed (garbage, recyclables, organics, household hazardous waste, etc.) and views the available waste management practices as a menu of options from which waste managers can select the preferred option, based on community-specific considerations.

Our proven IWM methodology involves the following project components:

  • Review of current waste management system, including current diversion rates and estimated waste streams
  • Waste audit to provide benchmark data
  • Review of successful IWM programs in similar municipalities
  • Description of available options with associated diversion rates & estimated relative costs
  • Survey to measure public support and willingness to participate in identified options
  • Recommendations and forecasting towards system modification and a Five Year Plan

Solstice Integrated Waste Management Services

Increase your landfill efficiencies without increasing costs!

Our leading edge expertise in diversion systems ensures that clients (cities, municipalities, communities, institutions etc.) will receive a blue print to implement waste management options both in the short run and into the future that are cost effective, publicly supported, and produce real and significant diversion rates.

Every organization strives to achieve economic, social, and environmental sustainability, and our goal is to help our clients achieve this in their waste management. Our IWM system is designed to incorporate zero waste practicality, which examines all discarded resources as potential revenue in order to achieve economic and environmental sustainability. Our recommendations often result in increased diversion (up to 80%) without increasing your long-term waste management costs.

Our IWM team has 25 years’ experience and has conducted more than 50 IWM studies in Alberta including projects for municipalities, public institutions, and businesses.