Land Use Planning and Policy

Land use planning begins with an initial inventory of the environmental resources within the managing agency’s jurisdiction to identify sensitivities, unique sites, or areas that offer recreational amenity value.

Solstice works with planners from land use development and parks agencies, or consultants, to identify sites and recommend appropriate management options. The study area often covers large landscapes, where field inventory would not be cost-effective.

With the availability of affordable aerial imagery, digital terrain data, and other remote sensing data, natural features can now be readily and accurately mapped to produce high resolution, current inventories. Solstice is familiar with both techniques and also with the best management practices that can help support sustainable development for conservation or land use development objectives.

Solstice Land Use Planning and Policy Services

Land use planning involves multi-disciplinary experience in municipal and natural area policy, environmental legislation, and biophysical and conservation specialists.

The Solstice team includes technical experts in biophysical sciences (e.g., soils, forestry, wildlife, and vegetation ecology) and applied disciplines, such as wetland ecology, conservation, reclamation planning, regulatory approvals, and environmental policy. Our environmental management expertise in a variety of contexts allows us to provide comprehensive assessments based on readily available data sources and to recommend practical approaches for land management.

Our senior staff includes proven leaders in natural resource policy development, with a depth of practical experience applicable to a broad range of project scenarios. Given the increasing importance of digital analysis in resource inventory work, our geographic technology group plays a critical role in our land use projects. Our capacity with a range of remote sensing analysis software and analysis techniques allows us to support analytical and data management services for both simple and complex projects.

 Land Use Planning Project examples:

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Dee Patriquin, Ph.D., P.Biol., R.P. Biol.

Sr. Environmental Scientist

Solstice Canada Corp.

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