Environmental reclamation returns lands disturbed by mining, oil and gas activities, transportation, or logging back into either economically productive or natural habitats. Industry is required to reclaim their sites back to their natural state and the site lease cannot be returned to crown land until a Reclamation Certificate is received.

Reclamation can include earthworks and soil management to return the site back to the surrounding landscape, followed by the planting of crops or native vegetation, weed control, erosion control, and site monitoring.

Solstice Reclamation Services

Our multi-disciplinary team are experts in reclamation who will ensure the effective and safe execution of a reclamation plan.

Solstice has developed strong working relationships with regulators, as well as other stakeholders, including landowners and construction contracting firms specializing in environmental earthworks projects. One of our strengths is our ability to create strong alliances in order to provide our clients with flexible and high quality environmental services through a one-window approach.

We are confident that we can provide an effective reclamation plan that will satisfy the requirements of regulators and local stakeholders, allowing clients, when required, to obtain Reclamation Certificates.

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Michelle Cotton, BSc, PAg

President / Sr. Environmental Scientist

Solstice Canada Corp.

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