First Nations Water Management Policy Review (TSAG)

Solstice is pleased to present the three part Water Management Policy Review recently completed for TSAG. The project created three reports intended to provide a framework for potential collaborative approaches to drinking water management on Alberta’s First Nation reserves:

  • A review of current water management policy for First Nations in Alberta (Water Policy Briefing Package)

  • A review of current water management approaches in Alberta (Water Management Information Package)

  • A review of potential opportunities for collaborative water management in Alberta (Policy Opportunity Framework)


In 2017, First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group Inc. (TSAG) contracted Solstice to provide an overview of the current state of both Alberta and federal water policy as it relates to First Nations, and how these policies impact current, and future, water policies on First Nations lands. The products from the review are intended to be used by First Nations decision-makers and by organizations providing services to First Nations in the fields of drinking water, surface water and/or groundwater management.

The review documents were informed by both a desktop literature review and by interviews with individuals and groups who work with First Nations to increase access to safe drinking water and to improve overall water resource management. The hope is that the review documents will provide insight into opportunities for increased collaboration between First Nations, other levels of government, and non-governmental organizations to address environmental and health concerns as they pertain to water resource management.

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