Solstice uses innovative approaches and techniques to identify and characterize the environmental sensitivities relevant to your project. Drawing on our regulatory, environmental assessment and GIS analytical experience, we address our client’s need to create solutions offering environmentally responsible development

Our assessments can address constraints early in your development process, reducing design costs and public concerns, and, ultimately, facilitating regulatory permitting processes. Our specialists have also designed scientifically-based management policies and monitoring plans that have provided credible management strategies to reduce future liabilities.

Specific survey and assessment services include:


Conduct Environmental Impact Assessments, Biophysical Assessments, Environmental Evaluations, Preliminary Site Assessments.


Map sensitive environmental features and ecosystem inventories.

Develop Environmental Management Plans that include mitigation and compensation measures to reduce environmental harm.


Design and Implement monitoring programs that identify the natural variability of the site and detect potential effects of various development activities.


Manage public and stakeholder engagement.


Facilitate progress through the regulatory approval process.


  • Regulatory Applications and Approvals

  • Policy Planning and Training

  • Biophysical Assessments

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Wetland Identification, Delineation and Classification

  • Wetland Assessment and Impact Reports (WAIR)

  • Wetland Assessment and Impact Forms (WAIF)

  • Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool (ABWRET)

  • Wetland Avoidance and Mitigation

  • Wetland Permanency Assessments

  • Wildlife Management Plans

  • Wildlife Surveys (amphibian, bird, owl, mammal)

  • Nesting Migratory Bird Surveys (Nest Sweeps)

  • Vegetation and Rare Plant Surveys

  • Water Act Applications