Municipalities and regional districts are undertaking major development projects to meet the evolving needs of local residents, business and industry. As a part of your due diligence, it is necessary for civic leaders and project managers to understand the potential environmental impacts of a project and meet regulatory requirements.  

Solstice has supported countless municipal assessment and development projects, including infrastructure like roads, pipelines, powerlines and water mains, and working on projects in highly complex landscapes. Our team uses an integrated approach, drawing on relevant scientific expertise to understand complex civil development and infrastructure challenges and advise on effective solutions.

How can we support your municipality achieve sustainable and responsible growth?

Working in close partnership, Solstice can:


Conduct the various assessments and inventories required for regulatory approvals. 


Advise your municipality on mitigation efforts to reduce environmental impacts.

Complete construction phase monitoring, including bird surveys, erosion and sediment control monitoring, turbidity monitoring and other general environmental mitigation measures as work on the project continues.


Interpret the habitat and environmental conditions of an area to identify ways to minimize or eliminate environmental impacts of development activities and facilitate next steps in environmental permitting.

Incorporate environmental mapping to provide a broader, regional backdrop against which future developments can be assessed, and inform how potential environmental impacts can be mitigated at early stages.


Support the creation of development planning for land use, recreational areas or individual parcels by outlining potential constraints and opportunities for development, and requirements for conservation and restoration.


  • Environmental policy and strategy development

  • Social impact, stakeholder and community engagement

  • Strategic environmental assessments

  • Assessments and support on acquisition of federal and provincial regulatory approvals

  • Environmental monitoring studies and construction supervision

  • Environmental/biophysical assessments and studies to support regulatory applications

  • First Nations consultation

  • Cartography, geomatics and remote sensing analysis

  • Ecosystem mapping and inventory