Canada’s oil and gas industry operates in a well-defined regulatory system with clear expectations for environmental management. Understanding the regulatory framework, the ecological impacts on sites and development areas, and available remediation and reclamation options is essential to growth and good business.

Solstice has the technical and regulatory expertise to support the development, operations, and decommissioning of oil and gas development projects. We can help ensure environmental impacts are avoided or minimized. We’ve worked with industries involved in resource development (e.g., upstream oil and gas, linear development, urban development), as well as government and non-government agencies responsible for resource management.

How can we support your operations and facilities?

Working closely with your team, Solstice can:


Identify the federal and provincial regulatory requirements of your project, informing the scope of assessment required. Complete assessments for soil, vegetation, wildlife, wetlands, fish, groundwater and historical resources.


Conduct Liability Assessments to consider the financial viability of a project based on the ratio of deemed assets to deemed liability. Liability can be impacted by the context of a site, as well as proposed infrastructure and operations.


Complete Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments.


Develop and implement cost-effective remediation and reclamation programs. Coordinate and supervise remediation and reclamation on behalf of the client.


Perform post-reclamation assessments to determine if sites are candidates for reclamation certification. Identify and remedy site deficiencies, if applicable, and complete reclamation certificate applications.


  • Liability assessments

  • Facility audits

  • Pre- & Post-construction assessments

  • Reclamation certificate applications

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Remediation

  • Reclamation

  • Vegetation management programs

  • Detailed site assessments (DSA)

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESA)

  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (Phase II ESA)

  • Phase III Environmental Site Assessments (Phase III ESA)

  • First Nations Consultation

  • Project Level Closure Plans