Bird Surveys and Sweeps –

Infrastructure Construction and Clearing Activities

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Solstice provides bird surveys and nest sweeps for projects that have the potential to harm or kill nesting bird species. Our Wildlife Specialists can confirm nest locations and species presence within the nesting season (April to August) and provide advice on the best mitigation measures prior to nesting season to help guide our Client’s to avoid costly construction delays. For nest surveys, conditions, such as nesting frequency, may change over the course of the breeding season, and reports of sweep/survey findings will have a varying validity date depending on the timing within the season (typically 1-7 days).

Fulfillment of these surveys ensures compliance with two main regulatory pieces: the Migratory Birds Convention Act (MCBA), which falls under federal jurisdiction, and the Alberta Wildlife Act. The MCBA and the provincial Act forbid disturbance or mortality of migratory birds, and for the Wildife Act, certain resident bird species are included. Often the focus is on the nesting period, because mortality is more likely during the incubation of eggs and before nestlings have fledged (developed flight feathers).

Many construction tenders, especially bridge construction and clearing works, have special provisions for bird/wildlife sweeps. Solstice has the capacity to provide prompt scheduling to meet special provision requirements and ensure that migratory bird species are not disturbed, harmed, or killed because of construction activities.


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  • Nest sweeps

  • Breeding bird surveys

  • Advice on exclusion methods and installation
    Pre-Construction Nest Sweeps

  • Raptor Nest Surveys and Monitoring

  • Avian Migration Surveys

  • Pre- and Post-Construction Wildlife Surveys

  • Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Protection Planning