Indigenous communities have environment management concerns and needs that often require a customized approach. Solstice helps communities grow, develop and operate in environmentally sustainable ways.

Our environmental company works collaboratively with First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities. We believe we can learn from one another. The Solstice team acts like a bridge, finding the healthy balance between Traditional Knowledge and Western Science. Our technical expertise and ability to see the ecological big picture, paired with Indigenous peoples’ knowledge and history with the land, makes us strong partners.

Identify and review environmental issues, and develop collaborative plans to address concerns, meet regulatory requirements, and facilitate working relationships with industry and regulatory agencies.

Conduct environmental and safety audits and assessments on gas stations and other contaminated sites to protect human health and the environment, and ensure your community’s safety.

Complete third party audits on environmental issues, such as spills on your land, ensuring your rights and concerns are addressed.


Develop environmental training and monitoring programs, working with your community to build your capacity to better manage the environment, understand the health of your land and water sources, and create job opportunities for local residents.

Provide environmental and sensitivity mapping to support how you use and manage your land within your community and with industry.


Remediate your land to a standard that addresses your economic development, social and community goals.


  • Safety program development, management training and auditing

  • Emergency response plan (ERP) and safety reviews for fuel storage and distribution

  • Technical review of environmental assessments (ESAs, EIAs and other regulatory packages)

  • Community planning for growth and development, protecting fishing, forestry, hunter and traditional use areas

  • Incorporating traditional use values into environmental assessments and planning

  • Regulatory advice

  • Community engagement and consultation