Beaver Hills Biosphere Reserve

Solstice Canada Corp. is pleased to announce the successful designation of the Beaver Hills Biosphere Reserve, in the Beaver Hills area east of Edmonton, Alberta’s second biosphere reserve and Canada’s 17th. This international designation from UNESCO recognizes the efforts of the Beaver Hills Initiative (BHI), a voluntary collaboration of federal, provincial and municipal governments, ENGOs, research and academic institutions, industry and the public in promoting sustainable development within the Beaver Hills. The designation allows the BHBR to share and learn from 564 other biosphere reserves in 109 countries, gaining from other’s experiences in protecting biodiversity and cultural heritage through sustainable development approaches.

Solstice Canada has been a proud supporter of the Beaver Hills Biosphere Reserve, serving as the lead consultant on preparation of the nomination document, and on the Land Management Framework, a central component of the BHI’s approach to sustainable development. Volunteers from Solstice Canada have helped in various citizen science, research and outreach activities within the Beaver Hills, contributing our passion for this amazing landscape to initiatives designed to involve members of the entire community in the future biosphere reserve. We look forward to continuing to contribute to the new Biosphere Reserve, and future efforts to sustain this ecologically and culturally significant area.

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